CashGold establishes an independent and alternative means of payment and exchange that can be used compatibly with all the world’s currencies. CashGold combines the advantages of cash and gold and is stable without being susceptible to crises.

CashGold’s value can be verified at anytime, anywhere in the world. Accepted accordingly, CashGold is used the same as cash. Moreover, CashGold offers the user the opportunity to successively build a personal gold reserve as a manageable tool of wealth creation.

However, CashGold is no currency. It only looks similar to a banknote to ensure everyday practicality as a means of payment. Its physical dimensions follow the format of modern items generally accepted as payment. The carrier medium for the gold ingots fits comfortably into a standard wallet. The look and feel is similar to that of any currency note.

The design of the coated sheet looks familiar and yet different from the traditional artwork of most common banknotes. The design specialists used advanced frequency modulation screening technology to ensure precise line contours and critical colour transitions in extraordinary quality and in the highest possible resolution.

CashGold comes in 4 different weight values of gold: 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g. The denomination might seem a bit unusual at a first glance. However, it enables one to generate any numeric value - in whole numbers - within the Decimal system. In future, this feature will simplify and improve convenience in everyday use.

CashGold offers a modern independent payment method providing the same reliability as familiar currency. One can acquire each CashGold denomination separately in package units of 6 x 0.1g, 3 x 0.2g, 3 x 0.4g or 2 x 0.6g

CashGold provides maximum safety features comparable to those described by the European Technical and Scientific Centre (ETSC) and provides excellent privacy.


The KINEGRAM® security element used for CashGold comprises a proprietary, non-holographic, vector-based technology. This enables the currently best and most secure solutions for product safety (in cooperation with KURZ, a worldwide leader in hot stamping and coating technology).

Colour Movement

By tilting the design about the vertical axis, resp. from left to right, a colour movement in the indicated area can be seen.

Nanotext (TRUSTSEAL, matte)

The text “TRUSTSEAL” appears in the field, which appears grey and colourless in the central vie-wing position, with letters that are ~75 microns (~0,075 mm) in height. This additional security feature can be verified using a magnifying glass (min. 8x) or a microscope.

Latent ConTrust

This effect is superimposed over the entire TRUST- SEAL design in a second independent plane. When the TRUSTSEAL design is tilted forward, the images of the Star and the Bird appears bright against a dark background.

When the TRUSTSEAL in the oblique position is rotated by 90°, the contrast will flip; the background now appears bright while the images of the Star and the Bird is dark.

Diffractive Black

The Logo and the indicated design elements appear dark in contrast in nearly all viewing positions. By tilting the TRUSTSEAL security device about the horizontal axis and viewing the sample at an oblique angle, the design elements appear in a bright blue-green colour.