Dear Family & Friends

In October 2015 we started building an online business with the objective of internationalisation of cash flows and assets in a passive operating environment.

Today we are part of a team of 36000 members across the globe that invests in gold bullion.

Of these, some 17000 members mine bitcoins and use these profits to purchase gold bullion and from there, we invest in property (Australia, UK).

Whilst we are still in the building phase, we feel it rather critical in these uncertain times to show you how you can protect yourself against what we forsee to be an global economic meltdown.

This is a business with associated risks so there are no guarantees. The business requires only a computer with an internet marketing and no networking is required.

We are not a financial advisor and have no desire to be one...we simply show others what we are doing that works for us..


Skill Dragon has always been an education through gaming company and is a significant global market leader in the field.

In mid-2015, our bitcoin mining team approached Skill Dragon leadership with a view to acquiring our own bitcoin mines resulting in Dragon Mine coming to fruition early 2016.

We signed a JV agreement with an existing private BTC mine in USA, via Skill Dragon who also set up the online front and back office platforms.

We as a team invested over $1m to set up the mine and platforms.

As founding members, we own shares and our own equipment in the mine.

For security reasons, the location is secret but is in USA.

Should you join the team, you will get to see photos of one of our team leaders visiting the mine.

In April 2016, we (Dragon Mine) set up our own Ethereum Mining project in the same location again as founding members we own shares and equipment.

The system provides for affiliate program as well as a retail program.

The affiliates get wholesale pricing whereas retail clients pay retail prices.

This is where the $400 comes in as a licence for the affiliates which is what we have.

So once you have a licensed Dragon Mine (non-retail) you can purchase BTC mining contracts ranging from $500 up to $ 10 000 (you can purchase multiple contracts, so there is no limit).

100% of the contract value goes into equipment purchase for your mining, so you are at optimum mining capacity.

This is not cloud mining…you own the equipment which is pooled together with the team’s equipment and you are physically mining bitcoins.

You can choose a reinvestment setting from a minimum of 35% up to 100%....this is to ensure sustainability of you mining capacity as difficulty increases.

The reward are generated every 24 hours and you nominate which wallet to transfer your withdrawals to.

You cannot take capital out of the project as it is invested in equipment…if you want out they will send you the equipment you purchased.

Though, at the current mining rate, our capital expenditure is expunged within 13 months.


The team uses Xapo as a storage for our BTC as well as a Visa debit card to transact with in BTC.

No matter the country you are in, you can use the card anywhere where Visa is accepted, including ATMs…it automatically converts BTC to the currency of your location.

We use Xapo to purchase our bitcoins via wire transfer as this is cheaper than the SA exchanges.

We prefer not to use the Visa debit card though due to the disparity of the SA exchange pricing…we transfer and sell our Bitcoin on BitX and others where, in Rand terms we get more.

This is not because Xapo is expensive to use but rather that the SA market is persistently overpriced.

If we were in UK, USA, Australia or the like, Xapo Visa card would be evenly priced to the exchanges.


We do use our Xapo card to purchase 24 karat 999.9 fine gold as a store of wealth.

It is an asset class we are pursuing aggressively.


Once we have sufficient gold reserves and other capital sources, we use these to acquire property by placing sufficient deposits to ensure that rental income covers all the expenses on a property.

The above strategies enable us to obtain our gold for free as well as our properties as all of these are acquired from operational profits.

You are an independent business owner in all the above.

You chose what strategy you want to follow and which you do not want to follow.

Hence, from a business perspective, we are not connected in any way.

We are not networkers or affiliate enthusiasts but we are team players.

So we make money whether or not we network and this goes for anyone who follows the program.


Below is information with links to set up your own Bitcoin & Gold businesses.

Once you join any aspect of the program, you will receive the relevant video links and Facebook admittance for training and education.

Feel free to ask questions.

Kind regards,
Myric Wilson
The Myrical Group

One Hour a Day Financial Freedom

Financial Independence is an elusive concept and generally precludes over 90% of people from its abundance.

Our mission for 2016 is to bring this concept to fruition for as many families across the globe as possible, not only for the here and now but for generations to follow.

Whilst any investment carries risk in some form, the programs we recommend have been vetted and tested rigorously to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

This is a diversified investment strategy generating cash flows from a variety of platforms to diversify risk and apply these cash flows into assets for wealth expansion and preservation.

We are currently averaging 20% per month with a reinvestment compounding strategy but returns will vary depending on individual strategies.

We use these profits to acquire real estate in USA, UK, Europe and Australia for free however, each individual can follow their own dreams and aspirations.

Cashflow Program 1:

Digital currencies are poised to radically transform our financial system and is aligned with mainstream financial mechanisms.

These cryptocurrencies also carry the buy/sell margins as with any traditional currency, however, they transact virtually instantaneously and are free of the exorbitant fees levied by financial institutions.

Cashflow Program 2:

US$ Cashflow every hour generated from a simple but powerful Advertising Platform.

Cashflow and Asset Protection Program:

Gold is the only true currency that has stood the test of time. Our Gold Platform not only enables one to purchase affordable quantities of 24 karat 999.9 fine gold ingots but also generates significant Euro denominated cashflow.

Transact seamlessly in any currency, use cryptocurrency, advertising and gold as investment vehicles to generate returns well in excess of many other asset classes.

Each Platform operates with a debit card that can be used for all daily transacting online or at stores anywhere in the world where Visa and MasterCard are available.

Hence, apart from these benefits, we are enabled to:
- Invest in international markets effortlessly
- Transact in the currency of the country we invest in
- Use the investment for every day local transactions including Point of Sale and ATM cash withdrawals
- Reinvest profits into our direct gold holding platform
- Transmit payments to family and friends instantly in offshore locations

All of this outside of the financial markets and other bureaucratic over-regulated systems.


What you need to do to start:

Open Accounts for Free

Gold Bullion – Entry Level €120 (Purchase with Credit Card)
- Gold Platform Registration

Bitcoin Mining – Entry Level $905 ($405 signup+$500 mining package)
Bitcoin Mining Account – this is where you mine Bitcoins:
- Create an Account

Bitcoin Market Account – this is where you buy your Bitcoins:
- Signup
- Use this code: W4XTB
- Fund your account – This is how
- Buy Bitcoin – This is how

Bitcoin Debit Card – to spend your Bitcoin anywhere in the world:
- Create an Account
- Order your Debit Card – This is how
- Once you have funded your Bitcoin Market Account, you are ready to get going (no need to wait on your debit card).

The Entry Levels specified above will give you a start but not Financial Independence. We recommend starting at the following levels if within your budget:

Gold € 330 Silver Package or higher
Bitcoin $2 500 Level 4 Contract

Once you have opened the accounts, email us confirmation and we will provide you with step-by-step video tutorials for each platform..

Please feel free to call us if you experience difficulty with the above.


Marketing Website
Bitcoin Mining Website
Gold Bullion Website
Myricals Blog

We look forward to your participation in this ground-breaking paradigm shift in the global financial markets.