The Group injects rewards from Bitcoin Mining into Dynamic Gold Bullion Cash Flow Platforms and ultimately into Real Estate in the USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

The Myrical Group's diversified portfolio is primarily an Internet Business in a Box driven by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs across the world. Very little face-to-face interaction is encountered as the Systems in place essentially automate the process from Bitcoin Mining rewards into Gold and then the 2 tier cash flow into Real Estate Investments. The rewards generated are significant and enables the Group to acquire real estate for FREE; with debt restricted to maximum 70% LTV, the Group merely places a deposit to the extent that the property will be self-servicing after debt from rental proceeds.

The Myrical Group invites like-minded individuals anywhere in the world to join them on this journey of Financial Prosperity.

Feel free to browse the website to learn more about this incredible Business Model; Join the mailing lists and create Bitcoin Mining & Gold Platform Accounts for free without obligation in the meantime while investigating the business sense of the System.